NSA and Facebook target US citizens

A major cybersecurity security group in the United States has released a new report that outlines how the NSA and its allies use information technology to target Americans, in an effort to collect and analyze data.

According to the report, the US intelligence community uses the same tools to target and collect data from Americans that it uses to target the people in the rest of the world.

“We believe the [US intelligence community] is engaged in a deliberate effort to target, collect and retain data on individuals in the US who have not committed a crime or violated the law,” the report reads.

“This information is then used to target individuals, including U.S. citizens, for their information and communications.

The targeting process may also include use of social engineering to target American citizens with targeted advertising.”

In the report’s introduction, the group, called the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, says the US government is targeting and collecting data on US citizens by using “information technology tools and tactics” and “tactics of deception.”

“We’re not saying that the government is necessarily using these tactics to target US individuals, but we think they are,” the group’s president, John B. Roberts, told Reuters.

“There is a deliberate, concerted effort to exploit the US’s intelligence apparatus for purposes of foreign intelligence and counterintelligence,” he said.

“They are trying to do the same thing we have done, by gathering data on U.A.E. citizens who do not commit crimes or violate the law, and using it to target those individuals.”

Roberts said that the group had seen the first instance of the use of these tools to identify US citizens who were involved in terrorism and said that other instances were “still ongoing.”

The report also points to the existence of a program called “Counterintelligence Missions” which, among other things, “conducts targeted, pre-emptive, and clandestine cyber-espionage on US targets, including the U.N., the U, the EU, and other international organizations, including governments.”

In addition to being used to collect information on US persons, this program was also used to “perform information analysis and data mining, targeting, and collection of information about US persons,” the PRA said.

The group also said that NSA and FBI cyber operations, and the collection of metadata, were also used by US intelligence.

“The U.s. government has also sought to use information analysis techniques and tactics to gather and analyze information about U. S. persons that have not been a crime,” the organization said.

Roberts added that the report was released to coincide with the release of a report by the government-sponsored Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which was passed by Congress in December.

The legislation is designed to “provide cybersecurity protections for the U

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