How to collect and analyze demographic information

The U.S. Census Bureau has developed a new tool that could help you better understand the demographics of your community.

Called a demographic profile, the tool allows you to see who your neighbors are, and how they’re interacting with you.

It also provides demographic information about the types of businesses, industries and neighborhoods in your neighborhood.

“We wanted to create a tool that would help us better understand who our community is, what our demographics are, what we’re doing in our neighborhoods and how we’re engaging with our neighbors,” said Michelle Erikson, the Census Bureau’s director of community development.

“It was an obvious next step for us.”

The Census Bureau is using the tool to create profiles of people from different age groups, races, genders, occupations and educational levels.

Each demographic profile includes a photo of a person, age, and ethnicity, along with their occupation, location, and the Census Institute’s U.N. address.

The tool can also provide information on other factors, such as age, race, ethnicity, income, and whether the person is a member of a religious group.

The tool will be available on, the agency’s website, on Monday.

The Census Center’s demographics website is the first to use the Census Profile.

“This is an extremely important tool to help us understand the communities we serve, and we’re excited to help you access it,” said Rachel Totten, the director of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which oversees the Census profile.

“By providing an accessible, relevant, and useful profile, we’re working to provide a comprehensive understanding of the demographics in our communities,” said Tom Hulsey, the bureau’s chief data officer.

“The Census Profile helps us better measure how Americans are living their lives and how their communities are doing in terms of their health and safety, educational attainment, employment and the economy.”

The tool, developed by Census and the National Association of Realtors, was developed with input from more than 1,500 U.P. and non-U.S.-resident professionals.

It will be free to use for anyone, regardless of how they identify themselves.

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