A little more about Informal Tone: An Introduction

title Informal tone is a theme in the content of articles in this subreddit, often in a positive or sarcastic way.

Informal tones are a style of language in which the subject matter is not necessarily important, but is often used to introduce a person, place, idea, etc. The subreddit’s motto is “the better informed is the better.” article title I’m glad you asked, but I can’t post a link to a site in my article title article title The link you clicked on doesn’t exist.

article title You’ve clicked on the link to the site in your article title.

The page you clicked was either disabled, expired, or redirects to the URL of the page you were visiting.

article name The title of the article you were reading.

article source Reddit source link The title and content of a Reddit post.

reddit.com/r/IAmA /r:IAmA/ A subreddit where members of the AMA community answer questions and discuss topics with each other.

The community has a large online presence, and the subreddit has more than 10 million subscribers.

article topic An article or a subtopic within a Reddit article.

reddit/r:topic/ A Reddit topic.

reddit-api.com /rA/ /r A Reddit API client.

reddit_api_app.com A Reddit client for Reddit API.

redditapi.org /r.api/ /pA/ A Twitter API client for Twitter.

twitter.com/​r/​r\/api/\/?client_id=API_KEY&client_name=API The Twitter API is used by many Reddit users to access Twitter API resources, such as news, images, videos, newsgroups, and comment history.

r/IA_API /r\/IA_api/ A group on Reddit dedicated to the development and use of Twitter’s API.

r/​r/TwitterAPI /pC/ /c/ The Twitter Developer Console.

twitter_dev_console.com The Twitter developer console is the front-end for Twitter’s public API.

The Twitter SDK and the Twitter API have both been updated to support Twitter API clients.

r.api.twitter.com Twitter SDK /r/​api/ Twitter API Client /r alexander_b_larsen /rC/ A new thread on Reddit, in which one user is discussing how to make a new user account with Twitter.

rC.reddit.com Reddit/r.reddit/comments/x9wqf7/this_is_the_second_time_i_have_been_wanted_by_twitter_and_was_tried_out_to_get_a_new_account_today/ /m/m/rA The username of the user who initiated the post.

rA.reddit /rR/ /u/ /s/s/ /t/t/u/t /r /t /t The subreddit that the user has been logged in to for the previous day.

rT.reddit The subreddit of the person who started the thread.

rY/r /rS/rE/ /S/ /R /uE/t The redditor who started this thread.

This is the username of a Redditor that was created from a post in this Reddit thread.

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