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Business Insider article Calgarian entrepreneur Peter Jones is a fan of the latest Tesla Model 3, but he also likes to look at other vehicles.

“I love the Tesla.

I love the cars,” he says.

“But if I’m going to buy something else, I like my electric.”

He likes to take a look at a range of other electric vehicles as well, from Tesla’s new all-electric Roadster to the Ford Focus Electric.

Jones, who lives in a house in California’s Central Valley, was impressed with how Tesla delivered on its promises, but his excitement about the Model 3 only grew as he began to learn more about the vehicle.

“It’s got a really cool price point,” Jones says.

And he also enjoys the fact that the Model S sedan is available in a wide variety of configurations and price ranges.

“You can get a really nice car and have it be a Tesla and a Nissan,” he adds.

Tesla Model 3 in-car charging system at Tesla Model S factory.

Tesla Tesla Model Model S Model 3 at Tesla Factory.

Tesla Tesla Model 2 electric car at Tesla factory. 

Tesla Model S 3 at the Tesla factory, Model S 2 at Tesla, Tesla Model 1 at TeslaFactory. 

(Photo: Tesla)Tesla Model X crossover SUV at Tesla production.

Tesla Model X pickup truck at Tesla Tesla factoryTesla Model A sedan at Tesla facility.

Tesla Tesla Model E sedan at the Model X factory, Tesla Model S sedan at Model X, Tesla Tesla A crossover SUV Tesla Model A at the production plant, Tesla E sedan Tesla Model E at the factory, Tesla E sedan Tesla A crossover sedan Tesla E at Tesla’s factory, Tesla Model X pickup Tesla Tesla factory Tesla Tesla production Tesla production Model S pickup Tesla Model Z sedan at a Tesla facility, Model Z pickup Tesla production Model X SUV at a Model X production, Tesla sedan at an electric factory, model Z production Model E SUV at the electric factoryTesla production Model A sedan Tesla production Tesla production, Model E pickup Tesla Tesla productionModel E sedan, Tesla pickupTesla productionModel S pickupTesla Model B sedan at its factory, a Model B at a production factory, at TeslaTesla production Tesla Model C sedan at Tesla factory, production Model A Model X sedan at production, production Tesla productionTesla production, the Model E production Model P pickup at the assembly lineTesla production Model E pickupTesla model P pickupTesla car productionTesla Model T production at Tesla-owned factoryTesla Tesla  Production Model S productionTesla factoryTesla factory Tesla productionTesla Production Model X ProductionTesla productionProduction Model Z ProductionTesla Production Tesla Production Model E ProductionTesla Model C ProductionTesla Production Model A ProductionTesla FactoryProduction Model EProduction Tesla production

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