The UK’s postal service is facing its biggest challenge yet: finding its ‘crippling’ email system

Posted June 23, 2018 13:33:23A massive IT system upgrade to cope with the huge amount of data it collects and the unprecedented demands of digital marketing is to come into play over the next few months, with MailOnline reporting that the UK’s main post office is facing a crippling IT crisis.

According to MailOnline, the system will need major changes over the coming months to handle the unprecedented amount of email generated by its customers, which is now on par with the size of the world’s population.

While the system currently handles just over 10 million emails a day, MailOnline’s sources say it will need to upgrade to handle at least 1.3 billion by the end of 2019, which will require the upgrade to the main delivery systems that connect to it.

It is unclear how long this will take to complete, but the issue is likely to be a major headache for the post office, which has struggled to deal with the rapid growth of online retailing in the last few years.

MailOnline has also learned that a major overhaul of the delivery system will be needed to cope fully with the massive amount of information it collects, as well as its growing role as a “crippler” to the delivery of mail.

Currently, Mail Online is able to send an email to any address in the UK at any time, and then follow up with a phone call or email, but MailOnline sources claim that this system will only be able to handle a single email from a customer.

As a result, MailInbox and other similar services have found themselves struggling to cope as the vast majority of customers opt to use other delivery services.

This will also have a major impact on the delivery service, which currently relies on courier companies to deliver mail to its customers.

As MailOnline points out, the MailOnline delivery system has seen the average delivery time fall from about three days in 2014 to just over two weeks today, with the number of emails delivered to customers being a significant factor in this change.

With the delivery company’s new systems now being able to deliver email at the speed of light, Mailonline has been forced to look at alternatives to its current delivery options.

This has led to it taking the decision to start using courier services instead, with some users claiming they are seeing an increase in speed in their delivery times.

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