‘The Next Big Thing’ on the Left: Donald Trump’s America’s Next Big Idea

The idea that a Trump presidency is inevitable is something that the Left will continue to try to sell to people on the right. 

And it is one that they’re making their case to people with every passing day. 

On Wednesday, the New York Times reported on an email chain that appeared to be the work of former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who is also a Trump confidant. 

It was sent from the office of the former White Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus. 

The email was sent on February 20th, and is titled “The Next BIG Thing.” 

The contents of the email are as follows: “Hey Reince, I’m back from a trip to New York and wanted to let you know that I think the next big thing we can do is have a big conference on ‘The next big idea’ that is actually happening right now in DC right before we leave.

I think we need a big platform to explain this concept, to get people talking about it and to try and get the word out about this idea, but there is some great stuff we can talk about and we should talk about.

This is just one idea, so I’d love to hear from you.” 

 This email was not the only one from Scaramuccino. 

His boss, Sean Spicer, also sent a similar email on February 22nd. 

“I’m going to get to the bottom of what this is going to look like at a meeting later today.

It’s not a secret we have a really big idea,” Spicer wrote in an email. 

This same message was sent to the communications director for the Trump transition team, Michael Short. 

A few days later, Scaramuci wrote to Short to thank him for sending the message. 

Reince Priebus has long been a frequent Trump confidante and has been a major player in the campaign. 

Spicer, however, is now a key figure in the White House and has become an adviser to Trump. 

There is no evidence that Scaramucino is trying to get Short to tell the White house that Trump has a big idea. 

Instead, he’s trying to make Short talk about his idea and get people thinking about it. 

But what is Scaramuchin’s big idea? 

The New York Daily News reported that Scaramy’s idea is to “help build the ‘big idea,’ which could include an infrastructure bill, a major overhaul of the tax code, and more.” 

That’s what Trump has been talking about for the last few days, and it’s what he wants the public to think about. 

He wants the country to think he has a huge idea, and he wants people to think that he has the ideas to do it.

But, the truth is, Scaramy has been spending most of his time attacking Trump on social media. 

In recent days, he has been retweeting people who he says are either part of the “deep state,” who want to stop Trump from taking office, or that Trump is a “disaster.” 

In one recent tweet, he wrote, “The president has been in a frenzy.

The media is the real disaster.

They are the real losers.” 

And on Twitter, Scaramus is already trying to discredit people like Mike Pence and the WhiteHouse press secretary, Sean Sean Spicer. 

Here is Scaramy, retweeting someone who he thinks is a Trump ally, someone he believes is a disaster, and someone who was part of “the deep state.” 

A quick search on Twitter for “Sean Spicer” brings up more than 100,000 tweets attacking Spicer.

But Spicer is hardly the only person in the administration who has been attacked. 

Over the weekend, Scarami wrote on Twitter that he thought Trump was “foolish” to call him. 

Trump was wrong about Spicer, Scaraman wrote.

The president was a fool.

The whole thing is a big mistake.

He also tweeted that Spicer had no knowledge of the president’s agenda. 

Again, Trump is wrong. 

That was on Friday. 

As The Washington Post noted on Monday, Scarams tweet was not an isolated incident. 

It is a distraction from the real agenda. “

This is a political witch hunt.

It is a distraction from the real agenda.

They want to get rid of you.

It will not work.

They will destroy you.”

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