Trump’s ‘biggest lie’ is that ‘global warming’ is ‘a hoax’

President Donald Trump’s administration has accused the media of spreading misinformation about global warming.

The president has said that global warming is a hoax created by China to hurt U.S. manufacturing and the economy, but the president has not been specific about what he meant by that.

Trump has also called climate change a hoax perpetrated by Democrats and climate deniers.

The White House said Friday in a statement that the president believes that the media has used his words to “deliberately and deliberately mislead the American people about the dangers of global warming and the risks of global economic disruption caused by climate change.”

“The president’s belief that climate change is a myth and a hoax was part of his campaign platform,” the statement read.

The administration has taken heat from Democrats for claiming the White House believes in global warming, which has become a rallying cry for the Democrats in the midterm elections.

But the White, House and congressional Democrats have largely defended Trump’s views on global warming in recent weeks.

A senior administration official said Trump was referring to the fact that the United States and other countries were contributing more to global warming than they were losing.

Trump also tweeted in April that global temperatures had risen since 1990 and that it was the hottest year on record.

The statement from the White Houses Office of Public Liaison did not specifically address what Trump meant by “global warming.”

The administration did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

The official said the Whitehouse has “worked hard to strengthen the climate change response from the President’s Administration, including the implementation of the Clean Power Plan and other climate action plans.”

Trump also made headlines in April when he tweeted that “climate change is not a hoax,” a claim that the WhiteHouse later said was inaccurate.

The White House did not provide any evidence to support Trump’s claim.

The Office of Management and Budget also did not comment on the claim.

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