How a new report on the National Enquirer is redefining what is a crime

The Enquirers latest tabloid-style expose of the sexual harassment allegations against President Donald Trump has prompted the publication of a report on sexual misconduct by a prominent journalist.

The article, which was first published online by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Sunday, describes a former female journalist who said she had been “sexually harassed” by a reporter in a 2016 story.

The report describes a “sexual encounter” by the journalist with another woman, the former journalist claims, which led to a second encounter.

The former journalist, whose name is redacted from the report, alleges she was harassed by the reporter in her former capacity while reporting on the sexual misconduct allegations.

The Associated Press and BuzzFeed News first reported the story on Thursday.

A senior executive at the Enquires parent company, News Corp., issued a statement saying the Enquires article is “unsubstantiated.”

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Carlson noted the report is not based on an investigation of the reporter and said he did not want to comment on the matter.

“We don’t have an investigation, but that’s the report we’re seeing,” Carlson said.

“I don’t want to say anything about the investigation.

I don’t know what happened there.”

He said he had not seen the report and that he did know who the former reporter was.

He said the Enqires article was “misleading and wrong,” but he would not comment further.

In an email to Fox News, News Corporation spokesperson Emily Deitch said, “We do not comment on ongoing litigation.”

A spokesperson for the EnQUIRER, which owns the Enque, told Fox News on Friday that the allegations were not substantiated.

The EnQUIRO claims the article has been circulating among some media outlets, including the Washington Post and the New York Times, and that it is “being used to further advance the Enqus-owned Enquireers story about President Donald J. Trump.”

The article was published by the New Yorker magazine and is the first to be published online from a source that News Corp. and News Corp-owned The Enquirer have been cooperating with, according to a senior executive with the company.

The executive did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The New Yorker article claims the woman was sexually harassed by an Enquireress reporter while covering a story that included a sexual encounter with a woman named “Kendall Jenner.”

The EnQuIRO says that story was a “cover story” for the newspaper, which is owned by the EnQPR.

The story was published in February 2017, according the EnQuIRER.

According to the EnQLER, Jenner, who is a former Miss Teen USA, claimed she had an affair with Trump in 2016, and claimed he was involved with her and her family.

“Kendra and I had an explosive affair.

We broke up.

We were together.

We have been together ever since.

It was a total and utter disaster,” Jenner wrote in her memoir, published in April 2017.

“The tabloid version of events that have been reported in the media is nothing more than a lie.

The allegations in my book are completely false.”

According to Jenner, Trump asked her to get a “private elevator ride” to a penthouse in New York City to “get some things done,” before she “made a big scene” and accused him of unwanted touching.

Jenner said she was “outraged” at the allegations and wrote a book that detailed her relationship with Trump.

Jenner’s story prompted Trump to call her a “liar” in a tweet on Friday.

“So she lied about a story about me.

She lied to her lover,” Trump tweeted.

Jenner was “not interested” in working on a story for The New York Post and said she would not have had a “proper career” if she had.

Jenner told the EnQUIREr that she was not surprised by Trump’s tweet and was “grateful” that Trump did not call her “liars.”

“I didn’t realize the importance of this because I’m not a professional journalist,” Jenner said.

Jenner has not spoken publicly about her relationship or allegations against Trump.

In a Facebook post, Jenner said, “[I]ve been very transparent about my past experiences and have spoken out publicly against him on numerous occasions.

I never did anything illegal.

I have never had an extramarital affair with anyone, and I never will.”

She added, “This article is a clear attempt to discredit me and my family and my work, and to try to discredit a former colleague who I have always respected.”

A statement from News Corp, which operates The EnQER, said, “‘This is a story based on hearsay and unsubstantiated accusations that have no basis in fact.'”

The EnQLERT said in a statement, “While we are confident that the Enquestrs report accurately

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