How to help a woman who has been raped


“Panera Pizza served an investigation after a woman said she was raped at a Panera,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“The company announced the results on Wednesday, which were based on interviews with a woman and two employees.

She described a man who was intoxicated and threatening her and said she should go to the police.”

The company said it will refund the victim’s pizza and provide counseling services to the woman and her friends.

Panera Pizza also promised to improve its customer service and ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

Paneras Pizza’s CEO, John Fritchey, told the Chronicle that the company “never intended to victimize anyone.”

The apology comes just days after another Panera franchise in San Francisco closed its doors amid an investigation into a woman’s allegation of sexual assault.

“It is important for all our guests to know that our staff and guests are committed to serving the highest standards of service,” the restaurant said in a statement.

“We have always been committed to supporting and serving our guests in a safe and responsible manner.”

According to the Chronicle, the investigation into the woman was “related to a complaint of an alleged incident at Panera in the spring of 2019.”

Panera CEO John Fritz, who also owns the popular Panera Bread, told The Huffington Post that he was “shocked and disappointed” by the allegations against his franchisee.

“I am truly sorry,” Fritz said.

“There was never any intent to violate anyone’s rights.

Our employees, the customers and our community deserve better.”

A Panera spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times that the investigation was launched “after multiple allegations were made to Panera’s human resources department in connection with a reported sexual assault in 2019.”

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