How to tell the difference between Chipotle’s food and its ‘fake’ version

Chipotle, the popular Mexican chain with nearly a billion people, is coming under scrutiny after a series of articles on social media. 

But the company isn’t buying it, and it’s not going to change its ways anytime soon.

Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold says he believes the company should not be held responsible for what people believe, and he’s right.

The company has made headlines before for its actions against customers who have used the company’s nutritional information to defraud them.

In 2014, Chipotle launched an investigation into a customer who posted his own nutritional information online in order to claim a $100 refund. 

The company’s response to the complaint was to suspend the account and refund the customer’s money, but Arnold says that’s not the same as actually changing the nutritional information.

The company doesn’t have the power to make changes to its food products or its nutritional information, Arnold said.

The investigation also revealed that an account named “The Informer Cast” posted fraudulent nutritional information about Chipotle restaurants on Facebook.

That’s how the company found out about it. 

“The Informers Cast” is a popular social media account used by people to share nutritional information and news from their favorite businesses.

The “Cast” was created by a company called Frito-Lay, which also sells chips.

“Frito-Lays is committed to working with the food industry to develop solutions to these issues and will continue to do so as we continue to protect our customers and the environment,” a Frito Lay spokesperson said in a statement at the time. 

Arnold says the company believes that people should not have to make up their own nutritional info in order for their food to be “healthful,” and that people need to know the difference.

He added that Chipotle is not making any changes to the nutritional info for its customers. 

For the time being, Arnold says, the company is taking a “wait and see” approach.

“We are not changing our nutritional information.” 

In a statement, Arnold added, “We have no plans to change the nutritional content for our customers.” 

This is the latest in a string of controversies surrounding Chipotle.

In August, Chipotles employees were caught eating their lunch at a Chipotle in an attempt to get them to stop ordering from a competitor, according to an investigative report by the Los Angeles Times.

In May, the chain was forced to apologize after employees at a restaurant in Los Angeles were seen eating the company fries.

In November, the FDA found that Chipotls processed foods were in violation of the Food Code.

Chipotle has also faced criticism for its policies for how it handles employee-generated content.

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