‘This was all about making a statement’: ‘The end justifies the means’

Google has been embroiled in a media storm this week after announcing the launch of a new digital advertising initiative called ‘AdSense’.

The new platform aims to boost ad revenue by “updating” the ad format, according to Google, while simultaneously reducing the costs of the ad-buying process by a third.

“As an industry leader, we know that consumers want better ad experiences, and we’ve made significant investments in improving our own content to improve the way people experience ads,” Google said in a statement.

“The end of an era is upon us, and the time to start making those investments is now.”

AdSense is a subscription-based platform that will provide advertisers with the ability to add their own content, such as videos, to YouTube and other social media sites, as well as allow them to create “micro-video ads” on websites.

Google’s platform has been praised for allowing advertisers to “adopt” content for use on their sites, including through the use of embedded images and audio, which is a feature of many mobile apps and mobile games.

Google has also been criticised for limiting the amount of content available to its ad-based platforms.

“This is about making an impact on the way that consumers are engaged with advertising, while also ensuring that they can have a more personal experience of advertising,” said Google’s head of advertising, Andrew Albrecht.

“Our goal is to deliver ads that people will want to spend money on.”

However, many advertisers have criticised Google’s new strategy, saying that the changes will only result in more traffic for their websites, rather than more money for them.

One Facebook spokesperson told Digital Trends that “the new AdSense platform will not change the way we deliver ads on Facebook.

We’ve always had a clear focus on quality and the best content, and will continue to deliver this with the same level of quality and innovation we’ve been delivering ever since we launched the original AdSense program.”

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our service and we’re working hard to improve every aspect of our platform.

We will continue supporting AdSense through June.”

“It’s not fair for advertisers to be left to fend for themselves and Google will be working with them to help them reach their audiences,” the spokesperson added.

“We have already been investing in our own ad-targeting efforts and we’ll continue to invest in this in the future.

We’ll continue working with advertisers and we have no plans to shut down the AdSense subscription service.”

Google has not yet provided an official statement on the matter.

But the company has been criticised by users for failing to live up to its own marketing promises.

“Google, what’s wrong with you?

I don’t care if you make more money than you can spend,” one user wrote on Google+ following the announcement.

“What the hell is going on?

Why are you wasting people’s money on a useless, useless platform that is clearly a scam?”

Another user added: “The only thing worse than Google’s AdSense service is the fact that you’re giving money to advertisers, but not the brands you love.”

“Google is basically selling ad space on Google and then paying them a flat rate for it,” another user said.

“Why not take the money, go to a company with a product that is better than Google and put your advertising dollars into a company that is less than perfect?”

“Google’s not helping them at all,” another commenter added.

Google AdSense: How it works, what you need to know and when you can start making a payment

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