Which McDonald’s Nutrition Information Is Actually True?

We’ve all heard it before: McDonald’s food isn’t really that bad, but the nutritional information in the box is.

Here are some facts you might not know about what the company says it’s really like to eat at the drive-thru, where the food is delivered.


The Big Mac is a big, heavy meal That’s what McDonald’s says on the menu, but it’s actually a big burger.

The sandwich has the same amount of calories as a Big Mac but about half as many calories, and the portions are almost the same.

The McDonald’s version comes in a whopping 8 ounces (227g), with the Big Mac topping out at 5.8 ounces (180g).


McDonald’s isn’t as healthy as you think it is McDonald’s is trying to convince us it is, with a nutrition score of a whopping 7 out of 10.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said this week that McDonald’s takes its nutrition information seriously.

“The nutrition information that we present is based on real-world experience and is not based on speculation,” McDonald’s said in a statement.


The calories in a Big McMuffin are about the same as a normal burger McDonald’s claims that the calorie density of the Big McMufe is about the exact same as the average burger.

However, McDonald’s also says that the Big Meats contain more calories per gram of protein than the average Big Mac, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily more healthy.


McDonalds says it only sells a small amount of its own beef The McDonalds spokesperson said that the company only sells its beef in bulk, and that it only uses certified organic beef.

However the company’s website says that it “is not a certified organic producer.”

McDonald’s uses the term “certified organic” because McDonald’s doesn’t buy its beef from other suppliers.


McDonald is so secretive about its food that it doesn’t even list it on its website A spokesperson for McDonald’s, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Verge that they are not allowed to share information about their product.

“It’s just a little bit of the stuff we do,” she said.

“But we’re not allowed.”


There are more than 50 McDonald’s restaurants in the US McDonald’s has more than 60,000 restaurants in 30 countries around the world, but most of them don’t have a McDonald’s drive-through window.

The company only has locations in 10 states and Canada.


McDonald has an employee shortage McDonald’s operates just three drive-Thru locations in the United States, and McDonald’s Canada has just two.


McDonald said it is selling its stock for the next few years The spokesperson said McDonald is planning to sell its stock in the next six months.

“We will sell our stock at a discount to the price that it was last reported,” she told The Washington Post.

“There will be no further announcements from McDonald’s for the foreseeable future.”

McDonald is also working on a plan to expand its restaurants, but its plans haven’t been finalized yet.

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