Watch: The new Australian flag for 2019

The Australian flag is set to change from blue to red next year.

The government says the decision will be made by a committee of flag designers and experts in the coming weeks.

The decision will help the Australian people better understand what the Australian flag stands for, it says.

“The decision was taken to reflect the changing times in which the flag is being used,” the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPPMC) said in a statement on Thursday.

“For this reason the Australian Flag will be a red flag in 2019, the first time it will be used for 20 years.”

The department says the new flag will be blue in its traditional colours, and be designed to reflect its “traditional and unique history”.

But the flag will have a number of changes.

The new flag’s design will include a red shield with a blue cross at the top.

The red shield will be replaced by a blue-and-white shield.

The shield will also feature a red stripe and a white stripe at the centre of the cross.

The blue and white shield will have two white stars at the bottom of the shield.

“It is the first flag to have a new design for 2019, and we believe this design will enhance the Australian spirit,” the statement says.

The DPMC has said the decision is the result of a wide-ranging survey of design, technology and other factors.

The committee, which is chaired by former Labor MP Greg Hunt, will recommend on the flag’s future design.

It will also consult with members of the public and other stakeholders on the new design, including the Australian Maritime Association.

The flag will then be presented to the Australian Prime Minister before being unveiled to the public.

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