How ‘Star Wars’ ‘Return of the Jedi’ Became an Epic Failure: The Making of a Disney Animated Classic

The first Star Wars animated film of 2017 was a colossal failure.

It was an expensive mess that had a huge impact on Disney’s reputation, and even now, it’s one of the most expensive movies in history, according to the company’s latest annual financial report.

Disney had a lot to prove, and it did.

It wasn’t just the film’s visual quality that fell short, but also the marketing effort and marketing strategy, according the report.

As the Star Wars films grew in popularity, they were inundated with new films that were all just so much more fun to watch.

But they were also plagued by the same issues: the inability to convince audiences to buy a ticket to see the movie at all, the difficulty of keeping the film fresh, and the failure of the merchandising to get the audience to spend any money at all.

While some of those problems were resolved with the introduction of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, many other elements of the movie suffered.

The first film’s biggest problem was the sheer size of the film, which was a whopping three and a half hours.

It needed to be seen at a much larger theater to fit in all of the theaters.

But that meant it couldn’t be shown at the same time with the other films, so it needed to play on a different day.

This resulted in a movie that was too short to play in the same theater, and one that was still too long to play at the very same theater.

As a result, people who wanted to see it in the theater could only do so if they purchased tickets through Disney-Pixar, which required people to buy extra tickets for their friends and family.

Disney’s response to this problem was to make the movie in theaters on the weekends, when they had fewer theaters to play the films.

That was fine for the theater owners, but not so great for the movie-going public, which needed the movie to be in theaters to be able to watch it.

So they opted to cut the film in half, or at least split it into two parts.

Disney would then release the first half of the new film on July 27, 2018, which is just a week after the new Star Wars film’s theatrical release.

Then, the rest of the first film would release on the same date, July 31, 2018.

This meant the first movie would have to play to a smaller audience in order to satisfy the need for new theaters.

This is where the problem with the movie’s marketing came in.

Disney’s initial plan was to give the movie away for free, so people could come see it at home.

But when the marketing campaign for the film started, they decided to put up a banner that told people to “watch the movie now, or get the refund.”

This was a great marketing tactic, but it didn’t work, because people couldn’t come to a theater and see the film at all because they didn’t have tickets.

People were stuck buying tickets, and that meant Disney had to find other ways to get people to see and buy tickets.

They also didn’t make the decision to release the movie online, because they figured people would get the movie on the big screen, which would have given them more room to do all the marketing they needed to get new people to purchase tickets.

Finally, the Disney-owned studio was worried about the impact of people watching the movie.

In the past, Disney has released a lot of movies that have been pretty bad in the past decade, so they thought it would be a good idea to make a movie for the future, too.

That’s why they released the teaser trailer that was available for just one day after the film was released.

They released the second teaser trailer on July 31.

In that trailer, they showed off some new technology and new characters that would help make the film a more enjoyable experience.

The audience liked that, so Disney released the trailer again, and again, on July 30, 2018 to show that people had already seen the first teaser trailer.

That was enough for people to start buying tickets.

But by the end of the summer, Disney had realized that people weren’t buying tickets for the first time.

They were getting them to buy tickets for other things, like Disney Movies Anywhere, which they also released for free.

People weren’t getting tickets for Star Wars anymore, and they were getting tickets to other things.

In addition, Disney was selling more merchandise, like toys and comics, to help the movie get into stores.

The problem was, that merchandise was getting sold out quickly.

People who had purchased tickets for Disney Movies anywhere and other tickets were going to see these new toys and merchandise.

In fact, some people who had already bought tickets for another film, like the next film in the Star Trek franchise, were going out and buying those toys and merch.

When people were seeing the toys and

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