How to find information age bias online

An online survey of 1,400 Canadians found that people of different ages are more likely to be biased toward information age (IA) sources The Globe and Mail title A look at how to spot online bias and discrimination article Canadians can expect to find a more inclusive and diverse online experience, but they also may be more likely than the average person to be subject to discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The survey, conducted by The Globe Institute, surveyed 1,200 Canadians online and found that: more than two-thirds of those surveyed (65 per cent) said they experience some type of online bias, while only 13 per cent said they had experienced bias on the basis of their race, sexual identity or gender identity, the institute reported.

This may be due to the fact that online interactions have become more accessible over the last decade, and in some cases are easier than they were before.

People of different backgrounds are less likely to face the same level of bias online, according to the survey.

In general, those with more advanced degrees were more likely, but the degree of disadvantage was also higher for women.

The survey also found that a large majority of Canadians have encountered some form of bias, with the average age of those who experienced bias being 36 years.

According to the institute, online prejudice against IAs is common.

One of the biggest ways people deal with online bias is by using a third-party service, such as a social media platform, a search engine or a website, according the survey results.

A majority of those interviewed (72 per cent), also said they are less confident in their ability to accurately respond to online requests for information.

The institute also found a significant gender divide in the way people feel about IAs.

Men were more inclined to feel as though they are being unfairly treated online than women were.

Men reported being more likely as a group to be affected by online bias (46 per cent versus 29 per cent).

Women reported feeling less affected by bias (39 per cent compared to 33 per cent of men).

In the end, the results are important for those of us who want to ensure that we’re creating a safe and welcoming environment for all of our members, including people of all backgrounds.

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