How to create a ‘new normal’ for millennials

A generation that spent decades on the fringes of the global economy may be feeling the pinch of austerity, but it’s also beginning to realize that it has a new economic identity.

As the economy has begun to recover, many millennials are embracing their newfound economic identity, with a focus on the idea that their hard work has been rewarded, that they are valued, and that their opportunities have been created.

They are also increasingly embracing the idea of a better job market, as well as the idea they can become self-employed.

The rise of the ‘new norm’ is also creating a new generation of job seekers who are seeking a new career, as the economy improves.

In fact, millennials have been making gains in the job market for years.

In the most recent labor force survey, there were 1.5 million more millennials employed in January, compared to a year earlier.

That was the highest number since September 2016.

The economy has improved significantly in recent years, but the economy’s benefits to millennials haven’t yet translated into jobs.

The job market is still recovering from the Great Recession, which lasted from 2008 to early 2009.

That recovery didn’t translate into an uptick in job growth for the millennial generation, according to the National Employment Law Project.

The recovery has slowed, however, as unemployment remains high.

The unemployment rate for millennials remains at 6.6%, which is above the long-term trend of 4.5%.

For African Americans, it is higher, at 12.5%, the highest since the early 1980s.

For some millennials, that trend isn’t so bad.

Young people in their 20s and 30s may have made a lot of money at their jobs, but their parents weren’t doing so well.

They didn’t have the skills and the education to make a good living.

They felt trapped and like the world wasn’t working for them.

As millennials have begun to re-enter the labor market, they are finding a new kind of challenge.

They’re having to think about their future and their career goals, and some of them have started thinking about leaving their jobs in search of new jobs.

Some are finding that there are fewer jobs available, and they’re struggling to find them.

“A lot of millennials feel like they’re stuck in the past,” said Laura Goss, the senior director of public policy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a think tank that focuses on labor issues.

Goss said that for many millennials, the idea is that they’ll never be able to get back to the middle class that their parents had.

They feel they can’t make it in this economy.

Gross said that while there may be some positives to the economy for millennials, they still don’t feel secure in the jobs they’re working.

For some millennials who have a hard time finding work, the prospect of leaving their current jobs is an even greater risk than it would have been for them when they were younger.

The lack of security can make it hard for millennials to get the skills they need to succeed in a global economy, she said.

And for those who don’t have a high school diploma or associate’s degree, finding the right job can be hard.

For those who have the right education, and don’t want to leave their jobs for a career, the best way to stay in the workforce and contribute to society is to take time off, Gross said.

But that can be difficult for young people who have to juggle school and work, which can be an ongoing challenge for many.

Young people can also find that they’re not as qualified to work as they thought they were.

Goss said many millennials believe that the only way they can make money is to work for a higher-paying job.

That can be very discouraging for those of them who want to work in a diverse industry, such as health care or education, to be in a position to do so.

“The only thing that we’re looking for is to be compensated fairly, and there’s nothing that will compensate for not having a degree,” she said, adding that millennials need to start taking advantage of their opportunities now.

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