Which Reddit employees need help with the new AMA?

The new AMA, which Reddit is planning to hold on November 11, will be hosted by moderator /u/salty_pigeon, who has been tasked with running the event.

The AMA is a way to connect with the community by asking them to contribute to the subreddit.

“It’s not a Reddit-specific AMA,” he said.

“It’s more a way for us to share ideas and experiences, like the new subreddit, with our community.

We want to hear from Reddit users, too.”

While the new format has its own set of rules, the AMA is not meant to be a way of harassing Redditors.

“We’ve always had a strict, ‘no personal attacks’ policy,” /u/_saltyPigeon said.

The rules are designed to protect the community from any kind of harassment.

“You can post in the comments, but you can’t talk about it in real life,” /r/_sally_piglet added.

“And it’s not just about people making fun of you.

If you have any kind and any kind ideas about Reddit, just share them in the comment thread.”

A new rule for the new Reddit AMA: Don’t do anything personal, not even post about yourself in the title.

pic.twitter.com/Y6eYywK3wZ — Reddit Staff (@redditstaff) November 12, 2017While the rules for the AMA were not revealed, it is expected that the new structure will not be a safe space for anyone who may be a harasser.

“If you are a moderator, you can say whatever you want in the subreddit and we’re going to enforce the rules,” /saltypigeons assistant moderators told Business Insider.

“The only thing you can do is not make jokes about other people’s sexual orientation, but I think the rules have to be fairly clear and not overly broad.”

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