Computer security policy: ‘I want to pay you back’

The Times Of India , March 29, 2019 04:20:03 The government is taking a tough stance against cyber criminals by making it illegal to sell or transfer computer information, which includes personal information, through the internet.

The decision comes after an IT department official said it would take a few months for the law to come into effect, but in the meantime the law has brought a lot of changes in the cyber crime landscape.

“I want you to pay back me for my efforts in making the law,” the official told a court in Delhi, where the cyber law was brought into effect on April 3.

The government has made it illegal for anyone to sell, or transfer, computer information on the internet, which has prompted the industry to push for more effective legislation.

“It will make the cyber criminals a lot more careful,” said Rajesh Kalyan, CEO, Trend Micro.

“The government is trying to make sure there are penalties for doing it, and we can get the penalties right now.”

The government’s decision is likely to have a positive impact on the cyber crimes landscape.

India has seen a spike in cyber crimes in recent months as a result of a spate of attacks, and the government has started to crack down on them.

Last year, cyber criminals targeted banks, governments and other entities, and used social engineering to try to entice victims to send sensitive personal information to them.

“We’ve seen an increase in the use of malware,” said Arvind Kumar, president of cyber security consulting firm Cyber Security Research and Analysis Centre.

“They are looking to exploit vulnerabilities in the software and to do the most damage possible.”

While it may be a slow process, the government’s move is expected to help India take a more proactive stance against criminals, said Kalyant Mehta, a partner at law firm Kalyans Litigation Centre.

The law will make it easier for the government to track and prosecute cyber criminals, he added.

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