What to do if your car is running low on gas and needs to be towed

The government in India has announced a nationwide ban on the sale of petrol cars.

The National Gas Supply and Distribution Board (NGSDB) has issued a nationwide notification for a period of 90 days for anyone who sells a petrol car.

The notification says that those selling cars will have to pay a toll and it will also have to be registered with the NGSDB.

The ban is in addition to the ban on diesel and petrol cars in some states.

The government has also said it will allow vehicles to be sold only in private cars and those with more than 5,000 km on the road will not be allowed to sell petrol.

“Those who are selling petrol cars and diesel cars will be required to pay toll for the transport of the vehicles.

Anyone selling a car with less than 5 lakh km on it, they will have the vehicle towed and have to get a licence.

The same applies to those selling a diesel car,” NGSIDB spokesperson Praveen Kumar said.”

If a car owner does not pay the toll, the NSS will take possession of the vehicle and the vehicle will be towed,” he added.

A car seller will also be required pay a tax of Rs 10,000 for each kilometer of vehicle, as per the notification.

However, if the seller does not comply, the agency will be compelled to take possession.

The government has set a deadline of Monday for people to pay the tax.

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