How to get more bang for your buck: $100,000 with a new mobile app from ViralMate

Posted October 08, 2018 06:00:00When you’re looking for an apartment, it can be a struggle to find the right one.

You can spend thousands, or even millions, of dollars and make your dream home a reality.

With the help of Viral Mate, a new platform that connects people with real estate agents, developers and property owners, you can get the perfect apartment for just $100 a month.

ViralMate lets you search for apartments in your area using your phone, Facebook or Instagram.

You also have the option of buying homes, condos or rentals.

ViralMates app also allows you to rate properties.

This is the real key for the person looking to buy.

You can choose to rate the apartments or homes for your area and get a sense of how they stack up against other similar apartments, according to the company.

The app also offers you the option to earn extra points on your rating if you spend $100 on an apartment.

The app can also help you find an apartment in a specific city or town or even a neighborhood, Viral Mates CEO and co-founder, Matthew Fagan, told CNNMoney.

“When we started, we wanted to be able to do a little bit more, but we couldn’t do that for free,” Fagan said.

“So, we have built this business to provide people with a way to earn points for their properties.”

Viral Mate is a new app that connects real estate professionals with people looking to purchase apartments.

Here’s how it works: You can sign up for the app and sign up to have your apartment reviewed.

If the property doesn’t meet your criteria, the app will automatically recommend another.

You’ll also be able earn points on the rating.

Once the app has rated your apartment, you’ll be able search through the app’s properties and find a listing.

If you decide to purchase, you won’t have to wait for an appointment.

Once you buy, you will receive a notification from Virals developers.

The developer will send you a text message that tells you when the apartment is available for rent.

Once your apartment is rented, you have three options: Buy now, rent now or sell.

You will have to pay the monthly fee upfront, and then pay for the property when it’s sold.

You won’t get any points for your purchase.

You may also pay for a deposit to secure the property.

The Virals app has been downloaded by more than 30 million people, according the company’s website.

It’s also been a huge hit in New York City.

According to Viralmates co-founders Fagan and Kevin Stoll, the company started in 2014.

“We’ve been using the platform since the summer of 2015, and we’ve had over 20,000 downloads in just three months,” Fahan said.

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