India’s IT department wants to cut IT costs by 10% by 2022 – CIO

By K.S. Reddy | IndiaToday | October 06, 2018 05:00:17A government-appointed Information Technology department, in a recent memorandum to the Information Technology Regulatory Authority (ITRA), has proposed cutting the cost of the IT department by 10%.

The IT department, headed by a former bureaucrat, has proposed the reduction of salaries by around 25% from current levels and the reduction in the number of employees.

The IT minister had in the past directed the IT ministry to reduce salaries by 30%, and the ministry has yet to do so.

However, the new memorandum suggests a 20% reduction in salaries of the head office and senior managers, which would be in line with the reduction proposed by the IT minister.

It has also recommended an average salary reduction of 10% per year for three years.

In a letter to the IT secretary, a former IT official, M.

Sakshi Dhar, has written that the IT cost of a government department should not be lower than what the IT expenditure in the department is worth, in the same manner that the cost in a department is not lower than the cost for the entire department.

Dhar had earlier warned against the IT-related cost pressure in the government, which he said was creating a financial crisis in the country.

The government has also proposed a reduction in its IT budget of between 20% and 25%.

However, some other areas of the department, such as IT operations and finance, are being exempted.

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