“You can’t get it from an internet search”

A recent article in Scientific American argued that the Internet’s “great democratization” was “all about the democratization of knowledge.”It’s a claim that the article, in part, echoes in the case of search engines, which are themselves a democratizing force.A search engine is an information processing system that uses information gathered from a user’s internet searchRead More

How to Get Your Nutrition Info on the Go

Meetups and social events at the dominos can be a great way to meet people and network.Whether you’re looking for a meetup to attend, or looking to grab some food and meet some people, you can find meetups at dominos across the country.Read more →

Computer security policy: ‘I want to pay you back’

The Times Of India , March 29, 2019 04:20:03 The government is taking a tough stance against cyber criminals by making it illegal to sell or transfer computer information, which includes personal information, through the internet.The decision comes after an IT department official said it would take a few months for the law to comeRead More

Which social media sites should you not use?

5 The most popular sites, according to Alexa, were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.The least popular were Tumblr, Reddit, and Reddit.Alexa found that only a minority of people used these sites to discuss politics or political topics.It noted that, by far, the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.(ItRead More

What are the odds the Canadian dollar will drop below $1?

With the world’s reserve currency now hovering at $1.25 per Canadian dollar, it’s a good time to look at how the Canadian economy is performing compared to its peers.And there’s a lot of noise in the economy right now, with a weak U.S. recovery and an uncertain outlook for the world economy.That’s why it’s alsoRead More

How to make informed consent for information technology jobs

More than two years after a report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that most IT jobs in the US had been outsourced to India, many workers still fear the consequences.“The fear is that there’s a greater likelihood that there will be a loss of privacy, a loss in control,” said Daniel J. Pogue,Read More

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