What to know about the Zika virus before you buy a travel visa

In January 2018, the World Health Organization declared Zika virus the world’s new “major public health emergency,” a designation that gives authorities the power to enact restrictions and impose restrictions on travel and travel to the United States.The CDC has said that Zika has already killed more than 4,000 people, and the number of confirmedRead More

Which McDonald’s Nutrition Information Is Actually True?

We’ve all heard it before: McDonald’s food isn’t really that bad, but the nutritional information in the box is.Here are some facts you might not know about what the company says it’s really like to eat at the drive-thru, where the food is delivered.1.The Big Mac is a big, heavy meal That’s what McDonald’s saysRead More

Can you tell whether a baby is at risk of HIV infection?

Is your child at risk for developing HIV?Does your child have a history of sexual abuse or exposure?The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put out this handy chart to help answer some of those questions.You can use the chart below to help you decide if your child is at high risk of contractingRead More

How to Write Informational Text Definition

Informational text defines an information structure in which a reader can understand a message or set of messages by reading them.Informational texts are also known as information architecture, meaning that they are designed to be as effective as possible.Informal texts are used by a range of industries including health care, business, law, education, finance, government,Read More

How to find the next big idea

Orlando Informer is a virtual data hub.The app is a platform for users to share and access information from all over the world.It’s also a place to research and review ideas.Orlando Informers team of six engineers, writers and designers have spent years working together to bring a new way of understanding data.“I think the wholeRead More

How to make a $2.9 billion speech idea

The Internet of Things is a buzzword these days, but one of the first things a startup or a developer might want to look into is what the internet of things is really about.And that’s a big topic to get right.A quick survey of a few hundred speakers at a conference in Silicon Valley foundRead More

When to Drink When to Eat

The sport of cycling has a reputation for producing extreme athletes.But when it comes to nutrition, many elite riders and riders who are on a diet don’t come off as superfit.And a new study suggests that diet and performance may not be as separate as many people believe.1:36 Video: How to lose 10lb in 6Read More

How to stop being ignored by your phone company

The biggest fear in this day and age is that if your phone doesn’t pick up your calls, texts or emails, you’ll get bored and turn to Facebook or Twitter to complain.The good news is that we can use your phone to tell you when you’re being ignored.To make sure your calls aren’t being missed,Read More

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