Which social media sites should you not use?

5 The most popular sites, according to Alexa, were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.The least popular were Tumblr, Reddit, and Reddit.Alexa found that only a minority of people used these sites to discuss politics or political topics.It noted that, by far, the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.(ItRead More

How to meet up with an Orlando informer for a meetup

By MELISSA HAYDEN, Associated Press Orlando — A group of about 40 people in their late 30s and early 40s are preparing for a weekend in Orlando to get together for a weekly meetup.The group, made up mostly of older adults, includes people from both the South and the Midwest who have attended church inRead More

What are the odds the Canadian dollar will drop below $1?

With the world’s reserve currency now hovering at $1.25 per Canadian dollar, it’s a good time to look at how the Canadian economy is performing compared to its peers.And there’s a lot of noise in the economy right now, with a weak U.S. recovery and an uncertain outlook for the world economy.That’s why it’s alsoRead More

How to Get Rid of the Lies About Vaccines

The federal government is pushing for a new vaccine, but there are still many myths about the vaccine and its benefits.That includes the claim that it can cause autism or “terrible health outcomes.”Here are three things you need to know about vaccines.1.Vaccines are not 100 percent effective and are not completely safe.Many vaccines are madeRead More

How to create a ‘new normal’ for millennials

A generation that spent decades on the fringes of the global economy may be feeling the pinch of austerity, but it’s also beginning to realize that it has a new economic identity.As the economy has begun to recover, many millennials are embracing their newfound economic identity, with a focus on the idea that their hardRead More

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