How to prevent Ebola in Europe

The European Union has set a deadline for countries to limit access to public health care and increase testing for Ebola, and for the United States to begin isolating the country’s citizens and returning them to the United Nations-run healthcare system.EU countries are also expected to tighten their borders, while the United Kingdom and FranceRead More

How to share information and collaborate on social media

The concept of sharing information online is getting more common as technology has become more ubiquitous.In fact, it’s already a major part of everyday life, as you can often find apps on your phone that let you share information with your friends and family in real-time, as well as social media sites like Twitter andRead More

How to define informative choice

Public Information Services, informed choice, define informative, information sharing How to declare information sharing, public information, public services source News12 title ‘Huge’ information sharing bill could be ‘unravelling’ article The National Information and Communication Technology (NIC) Bill 2018, the second of two bills currently before Parliament, has a major impact on the way the publicRead More

Which is better: the iPhone, iPad, or Android device?

The most common questions I get about mobile devices are about price, storage, and camera quality.There are also a few generalities about which device is the best fit for you, so let’s dive into that!1.PriceThe iPhone is the most popular Android smartphone.This is because most of the phones we’re used to buying from Apple haveRead More

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