When you have no clue what you want to know, ask a friend

Axios article In a world where we have no idea what we want to learn, the first step in learning something is asking.That’s why I started learning the language of information retrieval, which I’ll talk about next.I’m also a bit obsessed with what my best friend, Matt, is doing right now.He’s teaching me a lotRead More

Which synonyms are available?

In a study published in the Journal of Computational Linguistics, researchers from the University of Oxford found that the terms “informational synonym” and “information source” are the most commonly used synonyms for “dominos” in popular websites.When you search for “information synonym,” the search engine returns 4,000 results, but only 1,300 are related to the word.TheRead More

What you need to know about the word “informational”

Written by Brian T. Brown This story first appeared in The Associated Press Magazine.Subscribe to the AP’s weekly newsletter: https://bit.ly/1b3fKjZ Get the AP to read your email on your phone: http.usatoday.com/1B3fkjr Follow the AP on Facebook: http:/ / facebook.com / australianpressmagazine Subscribe to our newsletter: www.usatalkradio.com Follow AP for news and sports: www,usatalk.com Subscribe toRead More

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